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HBerry (12-Nov-2023)

“This is the best medicine for anxiety I have ever tried. Do you know how it makes me feel? Like I did when I was a kid before I had anxiety. I spoke freely. I didn’t have to worry about being judged. So now, with this drug, I don’t analyze every word I say before I say it, panicking that I might say the “wrong” thing. I speak freely and comfortably again. I am myself.”

Reborn (30-Oct-2023)

“I am being treated for treatment-resistant depression, GAD with panic attacks, and PTSD. I have been on a number of medications in combination but have had no relief. My psychiatrist recommended electroconvulsive therapy as a more aggressive approach. I went home feeling defeated and cold turkey stopped all medications. Superb idea! I had a very bad “cessation effect” although I wouldn’t call it withdrawal. Fortunately, I had a supportive husband who helped me find a new doctor. That doctor asked if I had ever tried gabapentin. I had never heard of it. I started with 100 mg 3 times a day and now I am on 1200 mg 3 times a day, 225 mg Effexor and 45 mg Remeron for sleep. I do not suffer anymore! I haven’t had a panic attack in months and I feel so much better. I also like the fact that I can still feel. I can still experience all the emotions appropriate to the situation. I laugh, I cry, I get excited, I get scared. For the first time in the last few years, I feel in control.”

Comaw (31-Sep-2023)

“If you suffer from anxiety, bipolar, PTSD , panic attacks or like me all the above – THIS PARTICULAR MEDICINE WILL BE THE ULTIMATE!!!! I’ve taken it since 2008. I take 600mg 3x a day. It worked for me very quickly. I’ve tried so many different medications, all having terrible side effects, not this one. It has 100% been my personal saving grace. I can function completely, can feel all emotions (not that I like to sometimes) it works wonders while not zapping your personality!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING GABAPENTIN, especially if you are hard to treat like I was!”

Amelia (21-Jan-2023)

“I wasted my time with talk therapy and antidepressants. Then when I accidentally got shingles, I took gabapentin for the pain. Then I noticed that my general anxiety disappeared. I also started sleeping better. I take 200 mg in the morning and 200 mg at night. At first I felt lightheaded and had a hard time getting used to it. Before taking gabapentin, I used to like to drink cocktails to calm my nerves. Now I don’t feel good when I drink alcohol. My mood is calmer. Why isn’t it prescribed more? I had to ask for it.”

Warren (23-Jan-2023)

“He has been a police officer for 25 years. I also worked for a private contractor in Afghanistan. Needless to say, I retired with two gifts: ptsd and alcoholism. Up to 1.75 drinks a day (drunks call me by my handle). At first I was dizzy and had to walk with a cane. By the second day, it normalized. No cravings. Tremors disappeared. No more nausea. I went to an AA meeting, but fortunately stopped going after hearing about it because the cravings came back. Miracle drug? For me it was. But it didn’t stop the PTSD, but I found that taking medical THC at night before bed helped. Now I’ve been sober for a month. First time.”

Shura P. (09-Oct-2022)

“I have many problems (psychotic bipolar II, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, panic disorder, dpdr) so I have to take a lot of medications and have been in therapy since I was 13. I just started taking 300mg of gabapentin 3 times a day and my anxiety is almost gone. I used to be completely paralyzed with fear at random times during the day for no reason. All my muscles would tense up and feel as if they were on fire. Only this medication has helped.”

larenb (18-Jul-2022)

“Neurontin has changed my life dramatically. I suffered from severe anxiety with panic and anxiety attacks, I started taking this drug when I was about 19 and have been on and off it for the past 13 years. I have literally been reborn. When I am not on this medication I have lots of fatigue, worry, and anxiety. When I am on this medication I can focus on the good side of things and am not so negative. In the beginning I had some side effects like “feeling faint”. Over time that went away and now I have the energy to get through the day. I now take 300 mg three times a day. My carpal tunnel syndrome has also improved dramatically. I used to be very snappy and impatient, but now I can handle things calmly. I like it very much.”

Ryan Moore (27-Jun-2022)

“This is my third order here, the last one was confiscated by customs, but the company reshipped it, so I finally received it. Always a high quality product, highly recommended and we will be back for further purchases.”

Philip Moore (21-Jun-2022)

I’m so happy that this product works 100% every time and the service has been excellent. Highly recommended, thank you goodpilstore

John (24-Jan-2021)

“Hey, gabapentin has done wonders for me. I can clearly feel the difference between not taking it and taking it. In school my anxiety is a big problem, I couldn’t even look at my classmates, it felt like my body was locked and I couldn’t speak or look elsewhere than my pc. When using gabapentin these problems is just gone, I’m happy, concentrated and very energetic. It is the best”

Alain (12-Jan-2021)

Used 5 times with no issues, they are the best, always in 30 days or less

Anthony (13-Jan-2021)

Dear Support Team, My package has finally arrived. It was the longest wait, but other than that, I was happy that my package was safe and sound. Weirdly, it’s been untraceable from day one. I hope this won’t happen again in the near future. Thank you,

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